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August 23, 2023

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Glucose

Welcome, dear scientific sleuths, to a tale that will both amuse and enlighten as we unravel the peculiarities of bioprocess data. Gather 'round as we venture into "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Glucose," a captivating detective story that will leave you on the edge of your seats.

Imagine, if you will, our bioprocess laboratory, a realm of wondrous cellular activities, where CHO cells and medium dance harmoniously within a bioreactor. Occasionally, we would treat our hungry cells to an enrichment of 220 g/L of glucose concentration—or so we believed.

Armed with unwavering curiosity, we delved into our treasure trove of data, together with our trusty tools: sophisticated modeling and astute imputation. Witness the enigmatic glucose consumption over time*:

But lo and behold! What manner of intrigue is this? After each glucose infusion, the cells seem to relish it, lowering their energy consumption rate in mysterious fashion. And then, as the sun rises anew, the rate rebounds with a fiery vigor, akin to a phoenix soaring from the ashes! Truly, a perplexing riddle to confound us.

Surely, our calculations were accurate! The recipe dictated the addition of 250 grams of glucose per kilogram of liquid. And indeed, upon recalculating, it appeared to yield the same result—250 grams of glucose, 1000 grams of water, culminating in the presumed 220 g/L. But is there more to this concoction than meets the eye?

A flicker of doubt creeps in. Could it be that we've been deceived? What if, instead of 250 grams of glucose per 1000 grams of water, it is 250 grams of glucose per 1000 grams in total—in other words 250 grams of glucose blended cunningly with 750 grams of water? A revelation awaits as we apply our tools once more.

Charts don’t lie, and this behavior paints a much more tangible picture. Upon closer inspection of our recipe, the truth emerges—the potion is indeed sweeter than we ever imagined.

And so, we impart the moral of our detective tale: my fellow scientific sleuths, in the curious realm of bioprocess data, even the most inconspicuous clues are vital for unraveling the mysteries that lie within. A keen eye for detail and a willingness to account for every aspect serve as your compass in the pursuit of truth and impeccable data quality.

Until we meet again. Adieu!

  • These depictions are based on a dramatic re-enactment of true events through means of simulation. No customer data is exposed.

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