Synthetic biology

Develop and optimize a fermentation process with Culture

Culture enables synthetic biology companies to screen strains and optimize fermentation processes without having to invest time and money in building out internal capacity.

Bioreactor with media - Culture Bioscience


Increase speed to manufacturing milestones

Save 6-18 months by working with Culture instead of building out a lab of bioreactors.

Experienced and dedicated microbial team and lab

We have experience with >2,000 individual microbial strains and >20,000 successful runs. We have experience with P. pastoris, filamentous fungi, E. coli, B. subtilis, S. cerevisiae, and many other microbial organisms.

Scale-out without the delays of lab build, investment, and staffing

Run process development or characterization DOEs without having to spend time setting up a process development facility.


Strain screening

Expand your strain screening capacity with Culture’s proven strain screening workflow.

Run large DOEs

Our team and innovative bioreactors can support large DOEs for process optimization and definition. Leverage our scale to optimize your process faster.

In-house microbial analytics for faster process development

Analyze your process for biomass, metabolites, oxygen and CO2 off gas tracking, and residual substrate analytics.


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Optimize your bioprocess with Culture