Protein therapeutics

Accelerate and expand your protein therapeutic pipeline with Culture

Culture accelerates and de-risks process development, process characterization, material generation, and modeling for protein therapeutics in our cloud-connected bioreactor facility.

Bioreactor with media - Culture Bioscience


Increase speed to clinic and manufacturing milestones

Save 6-18 months by working with Culture instead of building out a lab of bioreactors.

Scale-out without the delays of lab build, investment, and staffing

Run process development or characterization DOEs without having to spend time setting up a process development facility.

Purpose-built to support protein therapeutic upstream process development

Our bioreactors were designed for high-density, fed-batch microbial and mammalian upstream processes.


Modality suites for a range of cell lines

We have experience with CHO, HEK, Yeast, E. coli, and many other cell lines.

Services tailored to clinical stage

Clone screening for preclinical development, through process characterization for late phase development can all be run at Culture.

In-house protein analytics for faster process development

Analyze your product attributes with SEC and IgG titer. Monitor your process with VCD, pH, and metabolites.

When you’re developing a new protein technology and the production process for it, you really can’t overestimate the importance of access to lab-scale fermenters.
Alex Lorestani

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