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We'll quickly run your experiments in our bioreactor facilities.

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Your fermentation lab doesn't have to be a bottleneck

Test all the new strains and process parameters that you want. You’re no longer limited by the number of bioreactors in your lab.

Optimize your strains and processes quickly

Quickly test different strains and process conditions to increase your product yield - and get your product to market faster.

How we work

Send your organisms

Send the organisms you want tested to Culture.

Monitor experiments remotely

We’ll run your experiments, which you can monitor in real-time.

View data and receive samples

Your data will be analyzed and visualized in real-time. We’ll immediately ship your samples at the end of the experiment.

Our clients say

“Culture's service is very fast and provides fermentation capacity flexibly and on-demand. Culture has made it simple to get fermentation data.”

Nick Ouzounov | Geltor, CTO


Pivot Bio

Our bioreactor facility is based in South San Francisco

We’ve redesigned bioreactors from the ground up to make running experiments on our platform easy, fast, and efficient.

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