Bioprocess development without the bottlenecks

Culture’s cloud-connected bioreactors enable cell culture experiments with more flexibility, providing fast and accurate answers to your most important bioprocess questions.

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How it Works

Run your experiments & analyze your data in the cloud

Test more parameters

Leverage flexible bioreactor capacity

Our modular bioreactors are designed to be easily scaled up or down to meet your experimental needs.

Collect more data

Analyze data in the cloud

Our software product, ConsoleTM, enables you to design, monitor, and analyze your experiments in real-time.

Derive more comprehensive insights

Bioprocess development in our lab or yours

Culture as a

Our cloud-connected software, ConsoleTM, enables real-time experiment design, process monitoring, and data analysis from your laptop.


Idea to insight without constraints

One interface

Our secure web application, ConsoleTM, serves as a hub to manage all of your experiments, data, and insights.

Remote collaboration

Our cloud-based architecture enables you to access data and collaborate from anywhere.

Analytics tools

We offer analysis tools, real-time monitoring, and modality-specific assays to help you gather the insights you need.

Flexible capacity

Culture utilizes hundreds of bioreactors that can easily be scaled-out as your project needs change.

Real-time data access

Monitor and manage experiments in real-time as if the bioreactors were running in your own lab.

Data science support for DOE

Leverage our data science and in silico modeling to support your design of experiments.

Culture feels like an extension of our own fermentation lab, not like a CRO.
Shashway Vajpeyi, PhD

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