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What does it mean to be a part of the Culture Team?

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Lift others up

Whether it’s our customers or our fellow colleagues, we strive to enable others to be their best and celebrate them when they are. We know the best solutions come from listening and building on each other’s ideas.

Commit to reliability

Our customers use our tools & services to generate critical data for the development of therapies. Patients are waiting. What we deliver to them must be reliable, so they can get the data they need.

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Think like an owner

We care about the success of the team more than our personal success. When we notice something needs to happen for our customers, our product, or our teammates, we step up and do something about it.

Try new things

We celebrate experimentation by cheering our teammates as they try new things. The only way to get better is to try out something new and see if it’s better than what we did before.

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Open positions

Think you’d fit right in? Check out our open positions and apply to become a part of our growing team.


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No Current Positions

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Quality work is only possible with quality time

Everything we do at Culture is in the pursuit of excellence, but it doesn’t hurt to have fun along the way. Between bioreactor runs and product launches, we’re all about finding new ways to become closer as a team, whether that’s weekly themed happy hours, off-site company events, and catching up during meals at our communal cafeteria.

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