Viral vectors

Accelerate and de-risk your viral vector upstream development with Culture

Culture accelerates and de-risks upstream process development for viral vectors by parallelizing experiments to reduce program bottlenecks.

Bioreactor with media - Culture Bioscience


Increase speed to clinic and manufacturing milestones

Save 6-18 months by working with Culture instead of building out a lab of bioreactors.

Scale-out without the delays of lab build, investment, and staffing

Run process development or characterization DOEs without having to spend time setting up a process development facility.

Run massive DOEs to optimize viral genome titer, capsid titer, or other process residuals

Our team and innovative cloud-connected bioreactors support large DOEs for process optimization. Evaluate process optimizations including plasmid ratios, viable cell density at transfection, agitation, pH, and other bioreactor specific parameters.


Unleash your construct screening

Use our bioreactors to evaluate your viral vector constructs to get to your most desired outcome. Scaling-out your construct screening will save time and get you to your best outcome faster.

Parallelize upstream and downstream development with material generation

Generate material for downstream, drug product, and analytical activities. Outsource routine material supply to supplement your upstream capacity.

In-house viral vector analytics for faster process development

Analyze your vector product attributes with ddPCR, capsid ELISA, HCP, and HCDNA. Monitor your process with VCD, pH, and metabolites.


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