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Scaling up mAb process development from 250mL to 5L bioreactor with consistent yield in Culture Biosciences cloud-connected bioreactors

In the highly competitive antibody development market, speed to clinic is critical. Accelerating the development of a robust process that delivers high-yield and high-quality product gives biotech and pharma companies an edge. Design of Experiments (DOE)-based screening early or during scale-down studies enables definition of design space and critical process parameters (CPPs) in accordance with critical quality attributes (CQAs). Together, DOE-based exploration of the design space and seamless scale up ensure robustness and speed of process development.

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  • Successful scale-up of CHO cultures from 250mL to 5L
  • Comparability of IgG and VCD between 250mL, 5L and shake flask cultures
  • Comparability of glucose and lactate concentrations between 250mL and 5L cultures

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