Product update
October 20, 2023

Culture Solutions: Systematic & Automated Analysis for Cell Line Screening

Cell line screening and development plays a fundamental role in the biopharmaceutical industry, where it is essential to create effective and robust cell lines. The workflow involves extensive experimentation, culture optimization, screening for desirable traits, and statistical analysis.

Working with Culture Biosciences allows clients to accelerate and streamline their cell line screening workflow. Our state-of-the-art, automated, and cloud-native bioreactors, available in 250mL and 5L sizes, provide a high-throughput means of conducting your experiments without worrying about bioreactor capacity or data access. All data collected by our reactors is accessible to users live via the Culture Biosciences Console and also via Culture Biosciences' Application Programming Interface (API).

Timeseries analysis of cell line data

Culture's software solutions can automate the cell-line screening process, displaying vital metrics such as cell specific productivity (q-IgG). Users can modify units for easier comparison and can bring in new data for visualization. (This example uses synthetic data for public display.)

Additionally, our team of bioprocessing data experts offers support for in-depth data analysis. Our teams rapidly create specialized applications and analysis workflows tailored for your project's needs. Our custom algorithms are able to precisely correct for addition and sampling events while computing cell specific productivity rates. We built these tools to automate the common and repetitive calculations, and to take away all guesswork from your analysis. With Culture's automated cell-line screening tools, our researchers have a robust solution to make informed decisions about cell line performance.


Rapidly compute summary statistics and benchmarks, making it easy to compare different treatment arms in your studies. (This example uses synthetic data for public display.)

If you want to understand your own cell line data, or design a cell line screening study, don’t hesitate to reach out:

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