How it Works

Cloud-connected bioprocess development

Bioprocess development in our lab, from your laptop

Our cloud-connected software, ConsoleTM, enables you to remotely design, monitor, and analyze experiments conducted with our suite of 250mL and 5L bioreactors.

Design & plan

Experiment library and management
Scheduling equipment
Effective modeling to build most impactful experiments for optimized outcomes
Media design, planning, and library
Experiment planning

Monitor data in real-time

Real-time process data monitoring
Offline data integration and monitoring
Manual interventions and controls
Media design and planning
Experiment annotation and note-taking
Equipment & sensor management
Experiment planning
Documentation and report generation suitable for CMC documentation

Analyze data

Time-series graphing of process and analytical data
Data analysis across experiments and runs
Read API to integrate real-time process development datasets into data-science and machine learning pipelines
Workspaces for sharing and collaboration
Flexible graphing tools 


Design processes using templates
Close the loop by training with real world data
Simulate processes before running them in a bioreactor
Utilize data science-driven machine learning AI to model processes
Coming Soon

Install our bioreactors in your lab

We are developing a series of ConsoleTM-connected bioreactors, carts, and vessels that modularly plug into your existing lab infrastructure, enabling rapid scale-out in your facility.

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Designed to scale

We offer a 250mL and 5L bioreactor configuration with seamless scaling between both, and beyond.

We’ve partnered with Cytiva to give customers confidence that the process and data produced from Culture’s ecosystem will help them predict performance at the next level, whether it be clinical or commercial scale.

Our bioreactors

At Culture, we custom-build our reactors to be cloud-connected and modular, making bioprocess scale-out, design, monitoring, and analysis as easy as possible.


250mL bench-scale single-use bioreactor

Bioreactor for process development

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5L single-use bioreactor

Bioreactor for process development and material generation

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Culture in your lab

Modular single-use bioreactors designed to be easily scaled up or down

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Culture really excels at their data platform. I haven't seen anything like it before. It's so easy to review and analyze results from an experiment.
Charles Tindell

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