how to Accelerate Bioprocess Development

Download our case study to see how Cytovance Biologics used Culture Biosciences' bioreactor capacity to double titer in one week. Learn how supplementing internal capacity with Culture's cloud bioreactors can speed up project timelines.
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Supplemental Bioreactor Capacity at Culture Biosciences Accelerates Bioprocess Development

When up against aggressive development timelines and technical milestones, access to additional bioreactor capacity can significantly accelerate the speed of bioprocess development.

In this case study, Culture Biosciences describes a successful collaboration with Cytovance Biologics, where a fermentation process was transferred, downscaled, modified and improved via a Design of Experiment (DOE), then verified and transferred back to the client in just a few experiments.

This resulted in a two-fold increase in titer over the course of six experimental runs, demonstrating that rapid progress can be made by synergizing internal capacity with guaranteed capacity, resources and expertise in Culture’s Cloud Bioreactor Lab.

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