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Download our white paper to learn how we ensure your process will scale from Culture's bioreactors to different facilities and reactor sizes.
Culture Tech Transfer White Paper Booklet

Wondering how Culture ensures your process will scale to different facilities and reactor sizes?

Challenges with scalability are common in bioprocessing because work is transferred to different reactors and facilities as projects advance toward commercialization. Without thoroughly characterizing reactor systems and heightened attention to detail throughout the technical transfer process, variables important for strain or clone performance can be overlooked resulting in failure to replicate performance at different scales.

To ensure work performed at Culture Biosciences is accurately and rapidly translated to other facilities, we have implemented a technical transfer process with built-in acceptance criteria tailored to the needs of each client. These acceptance criteria describe experimental results that must be attained before advancing work with Culture, giving clients confidence in the scale-down model that is generated at Culture before embarking on work specified in the contract.

In this white paper, learn about the stages of technical transfer at Culture and see examples of how this framework facilitates successful scale-down of client bioprocesses.

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