Download our characterization study of Culture’s mammalian bioreactors over a standard operating range to facilitate successful transfers to and from Culture’s reactor system.
Culture Mammalian Bioreactor Data Report

How to ensure successful transfer of cultures between bioreactor systems

There are a number of different bioreactor systems available for the purpose of cultivating mammalian cells. While the function of these systems is similar, the operating parameters of each system are different. An understanding of the system specifications over a standard operating range can help with defining operational setpoints when transferring processes between different bioreactor systems. Calculated metrics, such as tip speed, can be helpful in determining likely operational ranges; however, empirical measurements are still required to fully characterize reactor operating conditions.

The experiments in this data report effectively characterize the basic operating conditions of mammalian cultures in Culture’s single-use bioreactors and give an approximation of parameters to be used when transferring cultures to or from other bioreactor systems.

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