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New feature release: Live Data in Console

Live Data in Console

July 21, 2023

New feature release: Live Data in Console

New improvements to Culture’s data management and visualization tools will enhance the experience for all Console users.

Live Data:
At Culture Biosciences, we understand the value of real-time information and the power it holds in making informed decisions. With the introduction of Live Data in Console, you can now monitor and analyze your experiment as it happens, providing you with immediate insights and enabling you to make quick decisions based on evolving trends.

Turning on live data just takes one click - the chart loads live data as it comes in

In addition to live data, we have also made other improvements to our existing graphing tools. We recognize that visualizing data is a crucial aspect of understanding complex patterns and extracting meaningful insights.

Time Range Selector
To browse different time points in your data, users can now use the Time Range Selector. This feature improves efficiency, especially when analyzing large amounts of data. This new feature allows users to manipulate the viewable area of a graph with a couple of clicks. Users can also switch between elapsed run time (relative to inoculation), or absolute date/time by using the toggle.

Quick ranges are useful for easily manipulating the viewable area

Grid View

Grid view uses your screen space more efficiently by allowing you to place plots side-by-side. This view helps compare multiple measurements and reduces time spent scrolling through the page to view data from multiple measurements.

A red line in the new “Grid View” helps to compare a single timepoint across the plots

Whether you are a bioprocessing engineer, data scientist, an analyst, or a business professional, these improvements to Console will empower you to delve deeper into your data, uncover trends, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. We are excited to see how you will leverage these enhancements to elevate your experiments.



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