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MilliporeSigma Achieved Significant Increases in the Final Titers for Multiple CHOZN® Cell Lines, Using Culture Biosciences’ Cloud Bioreactor Platform

MilliporeSigma Achieved Increases in the Final Titers for CHOZN® Cell Lines, Using Culture’s Platform

April 4, 2023

MilliporeSigma’s large experiments on Culture Biosciences’ Cloud Bioreactor Platform delivered robust, reliable results, including significant increases in the final titer for multiple CHOZN® cell lines producing recombinant therapeutic proteins.

Based on these results, MilliporeSigma can now supplement their in-house bioreactor capacity and perform large-scale Design of Experiment (DOE) studies with continued remote access to real-time data through Culture’s Cloud Platform and accelerate actionable program decisions with higher confidence than traditional industry solutions.

This work included five CHOZN® cell lines with two blinded media and three blinded feeding solutions, totaling five full factorial DOE studies. MilliporeSigma replicated the obtained results at the bench scale (3 L), observing similar cell growth behavior and titer results. This reaffirmed facility fit and confidence in transferable results in various scales and between sites.

Final Titers Across Conditions and CHOZN® Cell Lines

These results demonstrate that Culture Bioscience’s Cloud Bioreactor Platform offers customers the opportunity to maintain the quality and reliability of in-house experiments while generating results faster and with more flexibility and efficiency.

Keep control: Customers have full control of their processes.

Keep IP: All data and discoveries from customer experiments on Culture’s platform are the intellectual property of the customer.

Save time and resources: Run high-throughput parallel bioprocessing experiments quickly and without the capital expenditure and staffing required to build out or expand in-house capacity. 

Scale capacity flexibly: The availability of hundreds of 250mL bioreactors and several 5L systems allows customers to scale their processes as needed.

Have real-time data access 24/7: Customers can access Culture’s Bioreactor Platform and see their data always in real-time from anywhere in the world via Console, Culture’s cloud-based web application.

Collaborate remotely: Console also provides remote access to experiments. Teams can collaborate on designing, executing, and analyzing experiments, regardless of where they are located.



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